Surgical treatments and implants

In addition to basic dental care, we also offer surgical treatments, such as removals of unerupted or partly erupted wisdom teeth, implant treatments, surgical treatments of inflammations in the mouth area and treatments of diseases in the mucous membranes of the mouth.

An implant made of titanium, i.e. artificial root, is the most natural way to replace a complete missing tooth. Implants can be used to replace a single tooth, some missing teeth or the entire occlusion of a toothless jaw.

Implant treatment will be implemented at our clinic in close cooperation between the dentists, dental hygienist and dental technician. First, we will carry out a general check-up and take necessary X-rays for the purpose of planning the treatment. When necessary, the dental hygienist will carry out the basic treatment and cleaning of the dental connective tissues. Placing of the implant itself is usually a rather short surgical measure conducted under local anaesthetic. Upon the ossification of the implant – usually in 2-5 months – replicas of the dentition will be made, and a precisely fitting crown will be made and placed on the implant.

The patient co-payment price of the costs of the implant treatment is 1,850 - 2500 € or higher for the first implant, and 1,450 - 2300 € or higher for subsequent implants placed during the same visit to the clinic. The prices include planning of the treatment, placing of the implant and the prosthetic treatment.

A removable denture can also be additionally supported with implants. A complete denture for the lower jaw, which often tends to come loose, can be supported with implants rather well.

Assessment of implant treatment free of charge

You can make an appointment for a free assessment of the suitability of artificial root treatment. In order to make an appointment, please send your contact details by email to or contact us via the Contact Information page.