Filling treatments and Cerec fillings

Today, there are plenty of alternatives for repairing a tooth with a cavity or a worn or broken tooth. Tooth-coloured plastic is the most common filling material. Plastic is often used for fillings in the front teeth and also for smaller fillings in the back teeth. A single missing tooth can sometimes be replaced with a fibreglass-reinforced light bridge made of the filling material and connected to the adjacent teeth.

More durable materials can be used for larger fillings, particularly in the back teeth subject to occlusion stress. Cerec filling made outside the mouth is a modern, durable and functional alternative to fillings made inside the mouth. Such fillings mainly consist of ceramic materials. The filling can be shaped to be more functional in terms of occlusion. Because it is significantly harder than ordinary plastic, it will not break down, and it will better withstand erosion. Cerec can also be used for repairing and raising worn, low occlusions, as well as for the aesthetic care of discoloured, frequently filled teeth. If larger repairs of several teeth are made during the same treatment period, you will save time and also money. In this case, the price of a single filling will also be clearly lower.

Cerec assessment free of charge

When you come to Dentti for an assessment, the dentist will conduct a preliminary check-up and assess the suitability of ceramic fillings and the costs of the treatment. When you want to make an appointment, please contact us via the Contact Information page.