Bruxism – excessive grinding of the teeth

Forceful biting with teeth and moving them against each other, particularly in the night time – bruxism – may cause various symptoms and problems. Grinding erodes the tooth enamel and may lead to the splitting of the teeth and fillings. Jawbones and masticatory muscles may become sore, and there can also be shoulder troubles, sleeping problems and headaches. Apart from sleeping, grinding may also appear in the daytime, particularly in stressful situations.

Grinding is most often treated with a bite guard, or the occlusion is smoothened to make it more balanced. The bite guard protects the teeth from splitting, and it prevents the erosion of the teeth and fillings in the night time. The guard also relaxes the masticatory muscles and prevents additional problems. Smoothing is used to treat occlusion problems caused by a wrong kind of dental erosion and prevents splitting of the teeth.