Instructions for home care

Daily home care is the most important type of care for the health of the mouth and the teeth. Brushing with fluoride toothpaste in the morning and in the evening constitutes the basis of home care. The brush should be soft, and the use of excessive force should be avoided when brushing. In particular, the collar areas of the teeth and the gumlines may become worn and injured when using a brush that is too hard or a brushing technique that is too forceful.

A toothbrush is usually not efficient enough to clean the spaces between the teeth. Dental floss, toothpicks and interdental brushes are good aids in addition to the toothbrush. Your dental hygienist will help you in choosing home care instruments that suit your needs.

It is not advisable to brush the teeth immediately after eating. After a meal or snack, it is recommendable to rinse your mouth with water and take a dissolving xylitol pill. To reinforce teeth that are prone to cavity formation, you can use dissolving fluoride pills. The formation of cavities can also be reduced by keeping your daily meal and snack times regular – this will limit the frequency of acid attacks.

When you take proper care of your teeth, our share of the dental care will remain rather small. Regular check-ups and cleanings will then usually be sufficient.