Check-ups and X-ray

During the check-up, we will check the mucous membranes of the mouth, the functionality of the occlusion, the condition of the gums and of course the teeth themselves. If any need for treatment is found, we will prepare a treatment plan and discuss its implementation. We will also determine your personal frequency of check-ups, which may be every six months, every year or even every two years. In future, we can invite you to the clinic by email, text message or phone, as agreed upon.

X-rays as support to the check-up

In order to have sufficient information to support the check-up, it is sometimes good to examine the teeth by means of radiography. In addition to standard radiography, we also provide more comprehensive X-rays covering the entire jaw, with expert opinion from a specialist dental radiologist. The X-rays provide a wider view of the structures of the teeth, jawbones and jaw joints and, for example, it is possible to find about the location of aching wisdom teeth or possible asymptomatic inflammations in the areas of the jaw or the tooth roots.